Yahoo Creative Officially Launched for Global Advertisers

Yahoo Creative accelerates programmatic technology to enhance real-time creative development with advanced AI and data.

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  • Yahoo Advertising has officially unveiled ‘Yahoo Creative’, a full-stack data-powered ad creative solution developed in partnership with Innervate to unlock the power of creativity for brands and agencies worldwide.

    Tony Gemma, Vice President and Head of Yahoo Creative, said, “Yahoo Creative represents a key advancement in creative within our industry. By bringing together Innervate’s cutting-edge technology and integrating our robust data and creative services, Yahoo Creative is transforming the potential for creativity and delivering superior results for advertisers.”

    While programmatic technology has swiftly addressed targeting and identity challenges, creative tools have lagged behind. Yahoo identified a key opportunity to boost creative capabilities through technology and data, enabling advertisers to maximise campaign effectiveness and optimise ROI.

    Yahoo Creative accelerates programmatic technology to enhance real-time creative development with advanced AI and data. It future-proofs dynamic ads by leveraging Yahoo’s Identity Solution, powered by direct consumer relationships and a first-party dataset of over 50 million logged-in users in Australia and Southeast Asia.

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    Additionally, Yahoo Creative elevates innovation by merging cutting-edge technology and data with top-tier talent, having developed nearly 10,000 creatives in 2023. This synergy of expert teams and advanced capabilities ensures scalable, high-impact solutions for advertisers.

    Yahoo Creative is also an omni-channel solution compatible with CTV, mobile, display, DOOH, and more, delivering consistent and impactful creative across all platforms. It also features interactive authoring, allowing advertisers to create more engaging and sophisticated dynamic content that enhances interaction and performance.

    Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer at Yahoo, said, “In today’s cookie-less landscape, dynamic, relevant, and engaging creative is critical for campaign success. Yahoo Creative represents a major technological advancement, combining AI, data, and human expertise to usher in a new era of creative for advertisers. It empowers brands to achieve greater personalisation and engagement, driving superior campaign results.”

    At its US launch, brands such as Princess Cruises and agencies like global omnichannel media agency Assembly are leveraging Yahoo Creative, which integrates seamlessly with the Yahoo DSP and is compatible with other advertising technology platforms.

    Jack Politis, VP for Programmatic at Assembly, said, “The development of Yahoo Creative is an exciting continuation of their efforts to give creative the attention it deserves in programmatic advertising. Integrating dynamic and full-stack capabilities into their DSP, while still making it available elsewhere and future-proofing it by tying its decision-making to its robust first-party dataset, makes it a very attractive prospect.”

    Marie Lee, Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Media Planning at Princess Cruises, added, “Yahoo Creative is a valued partner that enables our brand to scale our creative capabilities further. The combination of Yahoo’s advanced technology and targeting with Yahoo Creative is a powerful tool as we continue to harness the power of digital marketing to drive demand for our iconic brand.”

    Available worldwide, Yahoo Creative connects with the Yahoo DSP and is also accessible to advertisers using other DSPs or media-buying platforms, underscoring our dedication to ecosystem interoperability.


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