Xtend Unveils AI-Driven Products for Marketing Conversions

Xtend's AI-driven capabilities offer in-depth data analysis and strategic marketing guidance, ensuring cost-efficient campaigns for all business partners.

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  • Xtend, an AI-powered marketing and analytics company, announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of products designed to improve conversions across the critical lower marketing funnel dramatically.

    By leveraging advanced data analysis and cutting-edge AI strategies, Xtend empowers businesses in ecommerce, fintech, travel, and beyond to unlock their full marketing potential and achieve significant growth.

    Karam Malhotra, CEO at Xtend, said, “We’re proud to be at the forefront of AI-powered advertising solutions that revolutionise how businesses connect with their target audience. Xtend has been built to extend the capabilities of some of the top performance-oriented companies in the world and drive difficult lower marketing funnel conversions.”

    “We are constantly innovating and leveraging AI and deep machine learning as a core part of our technology to create valuable customer journeys. Xtend’s robust algorithms generate an estimated 10 million buyers monthly, catering to diverse acquisition, re-engagement, and upselling needs,” Karam added.

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    In today’s digital landscape, customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing, making it essential for businesses to retain and keep existing app users engaged. A recent study by QuanticMind revealed that ecommerce retailers using AI-powered advertising have seen an average revenue increase of 20% and a remarkable 10% reduction in cost per acquisition.

    Furthermore, mobile commerce is poised for explosive growth, with mobile spending expected to account for a staggering 43.4% of all retail spending by 2026. However, the challenge remains – the average mobile app loses 77% of its users within the first 3 days post-installation.

    Xtend’s suite of AI-powered products addresses these challenges head-on. X-core helps businesses win back inactive customers and attract high-potential buyers through personalised campaigns based on data analysis. This increases customer lifetime value and provides valuable insights for future strategies. X-ShopConnect provides a contextual environment for ecommerce partners to drive order frequency and connect with purchase-ready consumers using personalised recommendations, targeted user acquisition, and innovative features that boost orders and increase traffic.

    X-pand focuses on cross-promotion and growth into new categories and services clients offer. With AI-powered ad extension solutions, it connects retailers with engaged consumers through personalized ad experiences and targeted audience acquisition to drive traffic and boost engagement rates. Xtend’s Data Labs round out the offerings by providing in-depth data analysis and strategic marketing guidance, ensuring cost-efficient campaigns for all business partners.

    Xtend actively explores new AI-based services to elevate its offerings further and seeks partnerships to accelerate go-to-market strategies. They are also leveraging its expertise in AI to examine new applications across the finance industry and beyond, expanding its reach into a wider range of verticals with numerous use cases.


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