WeArisma Launches AI Visual Search Technology

WeArisma’s AI visual search has a variety of applications, enabling brands to discover a wider range of content by new means and build relationships with influential sources.

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  • WeArisma, a media analytics company with global partners, has launched an AI-powered visual search solution to revolutionise how brands discover influential sources to partner with. This solution is designed to unlock unprecedented search possibilities and drive creativity and efficiency in marketing strategies.

    Jenny Tsai, CEO and Founder of WeArisma, said, “Integrating AI into marketing strategies allows marketers to work with high-performing influential sources which may otherwise be overlooked, but this is just the start as we are working on industry-first solutions that continue to push the boundaries. The launch of the AI-powered visual search takes things to the next level by unleashing ​​unprecedented creativity and precision in strategy creation.”

    ​​​“It is essential that marketers are exploring the capabilities and developments of AI as it is truly changing the marketing landscape. Google’s recent announcement, for example, on how Generative AI will be used in search is set to change how the entire internet operates and will also present brand discoverability challenges, with analysts predicting a decrease in direct traffic to websites by up to 40%,” Jenny added.

    “This will make word of mouth and influencer marketing more important than ever, as brands look to double down on building direct relationships through influential sources on social media trusted by their communities. Our new tool positions forward-thinking brands to be first movers in spearheading this and increasing strategy success,” Jenny concluded.

    Powered by WeArisma’s unparalleled global earned media data, the intelligent AI technology delves beyond limited keyword searches by applying​​ visual analysis to influential sources’ content to identify featured items, traits, people, text in images and more. Ways that this can support marketers include revealing influencers celebrating key life moments, ensuring influencer communities are diverse and inclusive and finding influencers for successful cross-brand collaborations.

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    WeArisma’a AI visual search has a variety of applications, enabling brands to discover a wider range of content by new means and build relationships with influential sources that can boost audience engagement at the ​​right moments in time.

    The AI Search technology can help brands and agencies:

    • Find and partner with influencers celebrating life events that align with brands and products: Working with influencers currently navigating significant life milestones such as parenthood or wedding planning initiates genuine engagements and fosters authentic connections and audience trust.
    • Ensure influencer communities are diverse and inclusive: Marketers can easily identify influencers from varied backgrounds to create more inclusive campaigns that speak to broader audiences, celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity.
    • Deliver striking visual consistency across all social and influencer campaigns: Helps marketers achieve creative alignment by matching influencers whose visual style complements their campaign’s theme, ensuring a unified brand identity.
    • Identify the right influencers for successful cross-brand collaborations: AI visual search pinpoints influencers whose audience demographics align with brands and potential partner brands to facilitate successful cross-brand collaborations, boosting visibility and creating synergies that amplify brand reach within key consumer segments.
    • Gain insights into competitor visual influencer strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the market: Competitor strategies focused on different topics, products, or campaigns can be easily researched to​​ refine earned media tactics, capitalise on emerging trends and ensure sustained relevance and competitive advantage in the market.


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