Milieu Insight Enhances Survey And Market Research Platform Canvas

Milieu Insight’s Canvas platform comes with a full suite of features to clean, manage and analyse data.


  • Survey software firm Milieu Insight has recently released major product enhancements to further efforts on easing consumer research processes and community management for brands, all within a single platform.

    Launched at the end of last year, the Canvas platform continues to add to its repertoire of industry-first innovations, including an improved visual survey builder, new panel and data integration features, and direct communication channels between brands and survey takers.

    The Canvas platform also comes with a full suite of features to clean, manage and analyse data. Its email and database cleaning capabilities ensure that surveys are sent only to valid email addresses, thereby improving completion rates, and its one-of-a-kind significance testing tool turns data into meaningful insights with just a click.

    In the latest iteration, Milieu has expanded Canvas’ survey design capabilities to include more question formats to meet clients’ diverse needs. The new addition of a consolidated list view, equipped with editing tools, gives users an overview of survey content and increases ease of navigation.

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    Brands can then connect survey results on Canvas with a consumer profiling tool called ‘Portraits’ within Milieu’s community, generating a wealth of insights from just a few questions.

    Portraits provide access to thousands of consumer segments and millions of pre-collected data points across topics not limited to demographics, lifestyle and media consumption. This will significantly speed up brands’ research processes and empower them to make the most updated and informed decisions to drive business success.

    Additionally, brands can connect their existing customer database to Canvas through first-party data, mailing lists, and even social media following lists, with the addition of API integration features and auto-punching of consumer data into surveys.

    Talking about these enhancements, Gerald Ang, Founder and CEO of Milieu Insight, said, “As genAI technology advances, we are dedicated to automating the time-consuming and often tedious aspects of market research. Users can anticipate the launch of ‘Flash,’ an AI survey assistant ready to support survey design.”

    “Flash will be fully integrated into our visual editor, providing assistance throughout the entire survey design process as needed. Whether users require initial survey question suggestions or assistance with designing specific questions and answer options, Flash will be on-demand, 24/7,” he added.


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