luma Officially Launches in UAE for Influencer Marketing

luma aims to bridge the gap between brands and prolific content creators through authentic storytelling.

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  • luma, a UAE-based influencer marketing platform, announced the launch of its operations. luma aims to bridge the gap between brands and prolific content creators through authentic storytelling and cutting-edge technology.

    CEO and Founder of luma, Carlos Robles, said, “We believe that brands, creators, and everyone involved can approach content and storytelling from a fresh perspective. luma will curate unique experiences that ignite creativity and collaboration. Our aim is to partner with creators and brands to push boundaries and create extraordinary content. We now have an opportunity to champion creators who promote positive narratives that impact our society.”

    luma provides content creators and brands with the tools they need to succeed, helping the region, and the UAE specifically, solidify its position as a leader in influencer marketing,” Robles added. 

    With a comprehensive ecosystem that includes a marketplace and robust marketing services, luma aims to be a catalyst for positive change by promoting impactful narratives such as health and wellness, women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. The platform empowers purpose-driven creators and brands to create extraordinary experiences.

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    Influencers and creators aiming to join luma will undergo a thorough evaluation process focusing on content quality, audience demographics, and follower base. This ensures that all creators on the platform can effectively impact audiences in the Middle East while maintaining the authenticity that luma values. Among the diverse range of creators who have already joined luma are LauraB, Ola ElSharef, Shef Codes, and Yluna.

    luma provides creators with access to numerous campaigns and events from top regional brands. By directly matching creators with relevant opportunities, the platform saves time and ensures alignment with their purpose.

    The platform also features an exclusive agency-focused interface, to efficiently manage influencer collaborations on behalf of clients. To support brands and creators in achieving their marketing goals, luma offers two core services: the Influencer Marketplace and the Full-Service Creator Marketing Agency.

    This platform utilises cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless relationships between brands, agencies, and creators. This user-friendly platform empowers brands and agencies to discover a vast pool of vetted creators, manage campaigns independently, and foster impactful collaborations. 

    It offers a comprehensive solution where luma’s team of experts acts as an extension of their clients, handling everything from campaign ideation and creator selection to performance tracking and reporting, allowing brands to focus on their core strategy while ensuring successful end-to-end campaign execution.

    Creators have been a key part of the United Arab Emirates’ digital economy for years. According to a YouGov survey (2023), the Middle East influencer marketing industry reached a staggering $1.3 billion, underscoring the significant shift brands are making from traditional media channels to influencer marketing. This aligns perfectly with the United Arab Emirates’ leadership vision of making the country a global hub for digital content.

    Following the UAE launch, Saudi Arabia is the next step in luma’s expansion, planned for the end of 2024. By 2025, luma plans to operate in the rest of the GCC and Egypt.


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