Jenius Partners with Perx

Through the partnership, Perx and Jenius aim to transform personal banking experiences by introducing the concepts of gamification and instant gratification.

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  • Jenius has partnered with Perx Technologies to transform traditional banking experiences in Indonesia that are purely driven by needs and wants into a fun and game-like experience.

    By introducing the concepts of gamification and instant gratification into every day personal banking experiences the Perx Loyalty Engagement Platform and Jenius aim to transform and uplift the quintessential thought relationship a consumer has with his or her lifestyle banking needs.

    “As a digital native bank, the app experience is paramount to Jenius’ success. By collaborating with Perx, we are able to leverage innovative technology to provide a fun, personalised, and rewarding experience across all customer touchpoints throughout their entire customer journey. This is essential to create retention, engagement, and customer-first service experience – which is ultimately what sets us apart from others in the industry,” said Febri Rusli, Digital Banking Product & Innovation Head at Bank BTPN.

    “In the experience economy, digitally savvy consumers expect personalised and meaningful interactions that keep them excited enough to return. We are delighted to deliver these ‘Aha moments’ in every customer journey a Jenius customer will experience going forward. We are thrilled to partner with Bank BTPN to create and deliver an engaging customer experience for everyone served by Jenius in Indonesia,” said Anna Gong, Founder and CEO of Perx Technologies.

    “Jenius is embarking on one of the most exciting customer experience transformation projects I have seen and delighted that Jenius chose to partner with Perx,” said Jovin Shen, Global Sales Director at Perx Technologies.

    With a diverse array of rewarding experiences, gamified savings milestones and a personalised loyalty program that keeps rewarding customers for their every action, Jenius aims at driving positive behavioral hacks into the community such as building a nest egg or better managing impulsive spending habits with full transparency.

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    Moving away from existing as ‘just another digital bank’ and transforming into a financial solution for the digital savvy audience Jenius aims to engage its customers beyond their regular banking needs by becoming an enabler to the lifestyle choices its customers make daily.

    At the core of this partnership lies the goal to drive maximum customer lifetime value through a dynamic and rewarding loyalty program, mobile customer journeys studded with instant gratification and gamification allowing the bank to nudge and influence positive customer behaviour.


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