Data Harmonisation is Hero for Super App Success

Central to fulfil the promise of a seamless experience is efficient data collaboration across the various service branches of the super app. 

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  • Gartner anticipates that by 2027, over half of the world’s population will engage with multiple super apps on a daily basis. The very definition of a “super app” is that it has many different functions and offers various services such as food delivery, retail shopping, transportation, and telecommunications. Central to fulfil the promise of a seamless experience is efficient data collaboration across the various service branches of the super app. 

    The rising prominence of super apps is reshaping the digital landscape, profoundly impacting both businesses and individuals. These integrated platforms streamline user interactions with technology by consolidating diverse functionalities into one user-friendly interface, ultimately enhancing efficiency and convenience for users. 

    Invisible to the user’s eye, each branch of the super app functions independently, resembling a standalone business with its own set of customer interactions and specialised data. This setup lays the groundwork for a formidable synergy when these branches collaborate by sharing user data insights, all while adhering to privacy regulations and obtaining user consent. And, by harmonising data across different services, super apps can tailor user experiences to a remarkable degree. 

    However, it is imperative to maintain stringent security and privacy measures throughout this process. Data sharing within the super app’s ecosystem must be conducted with rigorous encryption and anonymisation techniques to uphold user trust and safeguard sensitive information. These stringent standards empower super apps to provide more intuitive and anticipatory services, thereby fueling a positive feedback loop of user engagement and organisational expansion.

    For this reason super apps are poised to extend their reach beyond their platforms, fueling growth and facilitating more effective advertising. The primary advantage of super apps lies in their unique first-party data amassed from myriad transactions and interactions within the ecosystem. By analysing this data, super apps can craft detailed user profiles and behavioural segments, which external advertisers can leverage to tailor their campaigns with heightened relevance.

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    Moreover, super apps can utilise their deep understanding of customer behaviour to execute targeted promotional campaigns on other media platforms, thereby not only driving new user acquisition for the super app but also offering valuable opportunities for external businesses to advertise their offerings.

    When super apps utilise their comprehensive data sets for external advertising, emphasis should be placed on fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, ensuring that data usage is respectful and ethical, and fully compliant with privacy laws and user consent protocols.

    The Future of Super Apps: A Blueprint for Growth

    Super apps hold the potential to reshape the digital service landscape, but sustaining growth and relevance necessitates strategic and responsible data collaboration practices.

    To stay ahead, super apps should focus on:

    • Building a Smooth Data Setup: Establish a secure system for sharing data among app services, enhancing user experiences like suggesting restaurants based on shopping habits or offering ride services after movie ticket purchases.
    • Enhancing User Interaction: Personalise each touchpoint to strengthen user engagement, making the app an indispensable part of their daily routine.
    • Ensuring Privacy: Maintain robust privacy measures to protect user data and comply with regulations, given the substantial personal information handled by super apps.
    • Collaborating Responsibly: Ensure data-sharing benefits both the app’s growth and advertisers’ success, fostering mutual gains.
    • Choosing the Right Platform: Select a reliable, secure, and scalable data collaboration platform that supports infrastructure, privacy, and external partnerships.

    By focusing on a comprehensive data collaboration platform, super apps can establish a resilient data ecosystem that serves users, complies with regulatory standards, and fuels business growth. Effective management of data infrastructure, privacy, and external collaborations positions these platforms for long-term success. Thus in an era of expanding digital offerings, super apps prioritising efficient data utilisation, user-centric experiences, and unwavering privacy controls will lead the charge, becoming indispensable conduits of everyday life, propelling the digital future forward.


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