DoubleVerify Adds 75 Categories to Mobile App Brand Safety Protection

DoubleVerify Adds 75 Categories to Mobile App Brand Safety Protection
DoubleVerify Adds 75 Categories to Mobile App Brand Safety Protection

DoubleVerify (DV), an independent provider of marketing measurement software and analytics, announced the launch of its expanded mobile app brand safety solution – augmenting quality coverage within this high-priority channel.

“DV innovated mobile app brand safety in 2017, and has continued to build our coverage within this important channel,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify. “DV’s expanded solution lets advertisers apply unified brand safety parameters across digital advertising environments, including mobile app – strengthening brand protection and driving superior campaign performance.”

Seamless Protection

DV’s expanded mobile app brand safety solution provides the most comprehensive protection available to advertisers today – with over 75 content avoidance categories that address both brand safety concerns and brand relevance. DV’s solution also provides extensive language capabilities and customisation options to address brand-specific requirements. Users can now target, monitor and block apps based on app store category – in addition to other app-specific criteria, such as target age rating and star review.

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For qualifying, content-rich mobile apps, DV has implemented enhanced classification techniques that apply brand safety criteria at the content level, in addition to the overarching app level. This granular classification provides more in-depth advertiser protection and also opens potential scale, by allowing ads to run within apps with diverse or dynamic content. Besides, clients can leverage keyword blocking within enhanced classification apps, to pivot away from breaking news quickly.

“It is critical to have a comprehensive set of criteria to ensure brand safety in this channel,” added McLaughlin. “For example, according to our data, nearly two-thirds of mobile apps that have been designated as a potential brand safety threat have a user star review of 4.0 and higher. Leveraging multiple parameters to support quality coverage is key, as in-app content becomes more robust and sophisticated.”

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Superior Performance

DoubleVerify’s brand safety controls for mobile app inventory can be implemented through DV Authentic Brand Safety targeting. Authentic Brand Safety targeting maximises programmatic buying effectiveness by ensuring that a consistent set of brand safety criteria is applied across channels before media is purchased. This alignment results in a hyper-efficient circuit that lets advertisers optimise for DV Authentic Impressions®, reducing post-bid reconciliation and make-good processes, and boosting performance. To be counted as Authentic by DV, an impression must be fully viewed, by a human, in a brand safe environment.