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Luxury Institute and DataLucent_ Customer Data Myths That Are Putting Your Business Performance At Risk

Luxury Institute And Datalucent Debunk Data Myths

During the past few months, as economies recover and enter a new normal, Luxury Institute and DataLucent have engaged in rich, candid dialogue with...

How To Foster A Data-driven Culture Within Businesses

“In today’s digital world, we must ensure data lies at the heart of their culture to grow and survive.” Easy to say, not so...

Can Privacy And Data-Driven Marketing Co-Exist?

The core of data-driven marketing is better characterisation of the individual. Google, Facebook and other platforms characterise users' desires and match them to companies...

Collaborative Commerce Leader Kognitiv Joins Data Collaboration Alliance

Kognitiv Corporation, a global provider of collaborative commerce, announced that its Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Tim Collins, has joined the Data Collaboration Alliance...

Google to allow Android users to opt-out of ad tracking, following Apple

Google has announced that it will allow Android users to opt-out of being tracked by advertisers, according to a report by The Independent.  The move...

NinjaCat Releases Campaign Monitoring with Automated Budget and KPI Tracking

The new feature gives marketers early visibility into potential emerging budget and goal issues during a campaign, so they can quickly optimise across channels...

Invoca Acquires AI-Powered Call Tracking And Analytics Solution Providers DialogTech

Invoca announced that it has acquired DialogTech, an AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution for marketers, in a combined cash and stock deal. With...

First to Zero, The Perfect Data Journey 

We have seen zero, first, second and third-party data and are aware of their differences. Traditionally, marketers have used third-party data to gather customer...

Can CDPs Break Data Silos? 

Chief marketers across the Middle East gather for a virtual session on Customer Data Platforms to tap into the value of data and what...
Chinese Ad Tech Attempts Bypassing Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency

Chinese Ad Tech Attempts Bypassing Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency

Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature hasn’t been publicly released yet, but a Chinese state-backed ad technology wants to circumvent it. ATT is due...

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